Welcome to Dlalo Games!
We are a team of students, faculty, and independent artists based out of northern Minnesota working to help teachers and educators expand their engagement with students through apps.


Zap-Tap-Group-Match-Find…It Fun apps are designed specifically for building the skills of people on the autism spectrum.  LEARN MORE.

Mary’s Math Game apps were designed by an elementary school math teacher to strengthen skills and be fun for students in grades K-4.  LEARN MORE.

Save my Dragon app contains artwork from South Junior High School students.  The game idea was designed by the students and bought to life with their artwork. LEARN MORE.

Ice Genie and Pig’s Flight apps are the brainchild of college student and contain artwork from college student designers locally. LEARN MORE.


*The word Dlalo comes from the Xhosa people who live in South Africa and it means “game play.” One of our leading members has worked extensively with the Xhosa and we thought it was a great fit for our company name.


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Our privacy policy is simple: we collect no data of any sort. Best scores, game configuration, etc are saved as cookies on your device but Dlalo Games (LLC) does not collect any data from any game.